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Rice and Beans Food Program


When things were obviously getting worse, industry wasn't returning and there were no jobs developing, it became necessary to start feeding people to keep them alive. Each pallet of food contains 7,128 meals (package is 6 meals).

This is nutritionally balanced rice, soy, dehydrated veggies, beef or chicken flavoring and vitamins. To date we have shipped and distributed in Haiti:

Summary of Meals Distributed

1997 11 pallets @ 7,128 meals 78,408 meals.
1998 14 pallets @ 7,128 meals 99,792 meals.
1999 21 pallets @ 7,128 meals 149,688 meals.
2000 20 pallets @ 7,128 meals 144,288 meals.

To date 66 pallets @ 7,128 meals 460,512 meals distributed.

Rather than having a soup kitchen, we request families to come to the headquarters of For Haiti with Love, with their record card. There is a picture on file, also. They receive the correct number of food packets (6 meals each) to feed their family for one week. They have thier choice of beef or chicken flavoring. We also supplement the food packets with beans. In cases where it is needed, we also supply the charcoal and oil. If we don't do this, they end up having to share with a neighbor to get it cooked.

Handling it this way, they are never in a long line and they have the dignity of eating the food at home with their families.