December 2011 Newsletter




Holidays are all about memories. Whether it was the special times in Indiana, then Florida and then Haiti, Don DeHart was all about “giving” and he made this a most special time of precious memories.


I do recall the first time he decided to have a party for the kids in Haiti. Sponsors wanted to send their families gifts Don decided to invite all the families to a party and make the presentation there. We shipped down simple things, as I recall it was hot dogs, buns, baked beans (this is when I was to learn Haitians don’t like SWEET beans).


The party started outside but it rained and got cold and suddenly we realized we had enough hot chocolate to make for everyone, never did figure out where it came from. But I learned quickly working with Don in Haiti that miracles like this one were more the norm than not.


Parties changed over the years, but one of the special times was when the kids entertained our troops. The troops brought milk and MREs to add to the party and some carried in children… we fed everyone in sight that year.




One of the greatest pleasures of the year is taking the gifts and funds donated for Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Messiah with Haiti. We do our best to invite those who have never had the experience before plus the Bon Secours orphans and the 15 children who share a home with Roseline and Presume (who also help with the party to show their faith and appreciation). As one of our volunteers noted, there is something really special about watching orphans feed the less fortunate.

Everything starts many months earlier with the Christmas in August party in Florida. Sharing the evening with longtime contributors, and anyone else who donates, by breaking bread is special. But, the best part is the gifts that everyone brings to be sent to Haiti for under their tree! The proceeds from the auction of local Florida and Haitian items help buy food for the party in Haiti as well as helps to pay to ship the gifts. Whatever is left over goes into the Food Program.

The day in Haiti is remarkable in so many ways...the Christmas Story, singing, a hearty meal and the distribution of all the brand new gifts. All because of you. We get the blessing of sharing, but hopefully we can share enough through words and pictures to help you truly experience the joy you provide.


The roof saga continues. As of the end of October we received contributions from 413 donors compared to 777 for 2010. We hope everyone is just waiting until the end of the year but we would love to hear from those who have not responded yet this year. The headquarters/roof project is a big priority and we would like to have all of the money in the bank before starting. You have generously donated $17,677.65 with only $14,876.10 to go.

For those of you who have not donated yet to this important project, we ask only that you think about giving $1 per week or $52. If the 364 donors who we haven’t heard from this year each gave $41, we would have what we need to get started!





For Haiti with Love is truly thankful to all who remember us in their Will or are considering as part of their estate planning.

Rev. Tim Nehls has been a big supporter to For Haiti with Love during his ministry. He is a retired Lutheran Pastor who built and then served Lutheran Church of the Palms here in Palm Harbor, Florida for the past 31 years, He has considerable experience in helping individuals who are considering a gift in their Will to different charities. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Tim at 727.784.5305. It goes without saying that your discussions with him will be kept in strict confidence.


By the time you read this we should be receiving the October donated container of food from Feed My Starving Children. This container is intentionally being delayed a bit in Florida to give Roseline a chance for some R&R before going back to manage the clinic, food program and start preparations for this year’s big Christmas Party in Haiti.


We are asking for your continued prayers for Roseline’s husband Presume who has been uprooted from his home, family and FHL and sent down to work his job as a Haitian National Policeman in Port au Prince. It would be such a blessing to all if he could be transferred back north.

The April container’s destiny is still pending as I start this newsletter. Perhaps we will get it cleared, perhaps we will be forced to consign it to a Port au Prince charity. Time will tell.


We asked Presume to interview one of the recipients in the food program for a human interest story for this newsletter. He explained they won’t talk of themselves, but they are so grateful they wanted him to share this with you:


This is the photo of the old people in our food program in FHL. The people they are asking for more food, they said that they are very appreciative of the food program. They said thank you very much for the people who thinking about them, and they send a prayer for the sponsors specially. “Father Lord we thank you for the day and for the food program, we ask you to bless the people of USA, because they are still thinking about the poor people in Haiti. Please Father protect everyone who sponsoring the program in the name of Jesus Christ we pray you. Amen.” Zamor Oliver pray for the USA people. (Présumé Racine translator)



The prayer was from the man in the cap on the right.




For those who have not been following the roof project, the upper level of the headquarters has a flat concrete roof that has developed leaks—resulting in the metal reinforcing bar rusting and causing additional damage. We need to rip out the old, raise it a full block width from the original and rebuild it with enough roof pitch (slope) to ensure proper drainage and avoid future damage.


With Presume reassigned to Port au Prince we desperately need someone with expertise in concrete construction to go to our headquarters in Cap Haitien and supervise the removal of the old roof and the construction of the new (as soon as we get the balance of funds). If you are that “someone” or know “someone” who has a sponsor or who can pay their own way, let us know.


We can’t emphasize enough how important the roof and the structure it protects is to the programs at the headquarters. It protects the clinic, the food program and other major help programs.




We plan to have your yearend tax statements in the mail by January 15. Statements will automatically go to all who have contributed $200 or more. Or, if you don’t fall into that category but want one, just ask and we will provide!


And please remember that your yearend gifts are honored as long as they are postmarked 12/31/2011… or charged to your credit card whether paid or not. We do have PayPal on this website for your convenience. God Bless.




GIVING TO THE CLINIC to buy supplies and meds so we do not charge the Haitians. You help treats burns, lances abscesses, helps some with hypertension and seizures. Healing the sick is one of our assignments.


GIVING TO THE FOOD PROGRAM you feed orphans, widows, grandmothers who are now raising their grand children or great grand children. Since there are no social service programs in Haiti, you also feed the disabled and the elderly .


GIVING TO EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE you help someone become independent and set up a little business or help a patient who has been injured and needs x-rays or special treatment.


GIVING TO CARGO. Writing a check from your hard earned money for cargo isn’t glamorous but without shipping we cannot do any of the other things we (and you) do to help Haitians.



God Bless You All and Merry Christmas!





Cynthia and Mike Gleichman

               In Memory of CARL METCALF                                                                        

Bev & Pastor Tim Nehls

               In Memory of DON DeHART

Pat Golay

               In Memory of ALICE GOLAY



Jeanne and John Cooper

               In Honor of EVA DeHART

J M Bacon

               With GRATITUDE

Karen & Mike Hone

               Happy Birthday ALICE SCHOELLES 12/23

Suzelle & Pierre Conze

               In Honor of MARGARET BOGER RN &

                            THE HEROES OF VERTIERES

Joan & David Wallace

         Honor JEN & JON BRONSON during this Christmas Season


Gifts to For Haiti with Love are deductible as charitable contributions. For Haiti with Love, inc. is a Florida not for profit and a 501(c)(3) corporation with IRS, allowing your gifts to qualify as charitable contributions. Year end tax statements are mailed by January 15. Our mailing list is confidential, we do not loan, sell or share!


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