November 2011 Newsletter




A recent article on “How to Prevent the Top 5 Most-Fatal Home Accidents” in the September 2011 issue of Health Radar, states that, “ overwhelming majority of fires — 85 percent — occur in homes, and every day nearly 500 children are treated in ERs for burns.”. Keep in mind that these statistics are for the United States where we have electricity, building codes, responsive fire departments, an educated populace and well staffed, well supplied emergency rooms. Despite that, we all know accidents can, and will, happen.

As we have detailed in prior newsletters, Haiti is a very different place than the U.S. and the majority of Haiti’s population depends on “non-electric” methods of cooking and illumination. Unlike the U.S., most of these methods involve open flames and where there is open flame, there is an increased likelihood of accidents and burns. Which brings us to the statistics for Haiti. One of our most frequently asked questions after people review our clinic numbers (16,466 patient visits thru Sept in 2010 compared to 19.918 for the same period in 2011, 20% increase) is, “Why so many burns?”. What you need to know is that over the years FHL has become known as the place that not only has the right supplies and training to successfully treat burns but that also cares about burn victims and their outcomes. As a result of that experience, we get patients from all over.


In the early days of FHL, Don recognized that the pain, suffering, infections and, in some cases, the needless deaths from burns were not being addressed by anyone else. In those days God provided pallets of donated burn cream from King Pharmaceuticals. Others provided tape, gauze and other medical supplies. That was the beginning of what evolved into FHL’s many years of focused, quality burn care at absolutely no cost to the poor of Haiti. Times have changed and we don’t get the donations of medical supplies like we used to but your monetary donations continue to make this valuable care possible. Which brings us to Caicha Lucien…



The photo above is of Caicha. She is 4 years old and was rushed to FHL the afternoon of October 15th.

Her father had told her mother to drop the girl off for someone else to watch. Instead she was left with an older sister. The sister fixed lunch and Caicha, being really hungry and not realizing the food was very hot, pulled the plate toward her off the table, burning her left hip and thigh.

Speed in the early hours after the burn happens makes it almost a non-threatening event. Almost. Being poor, having less than hygienic settings and no bathroom medicine cabinets with medical supplies can ensure that these situations become very serious, very fast. Once a burn becomes infected, it is serious and the healing is slower with the possibility for much more scarring. With no treatment, infections can become terminal!


Did you know that 1st degree burns are actually more painful than deeper, more severe burns? The smaller burns tend to affect the nerve endings. With deeper burns, the nerve ending are gone but the chance of infection and scarring are greater.



Also on October 15th, the clinic treated Mermane Dolcy, age 16 (pictured at above and below). She came in with 1st degree burns on both thighs caused by hot water when she was cooking



MORE BLESSINGS. FHL was recently blessed with an opportunity to get in on a huge gift-in-kind donation to BluSource. The last shipment like this gave the clinic burn supplies (except for tape and burn cream) from March until now. This shipment cost FHL $3,700 but is worth over $21,000 wholesale value. Your help with this bill would be a blessing.


The saga continues. On Friday, September 30, 2011, the truck rolled off the wharf in Cap Haitien and delivered 1,254 boxes, 41,000# of nutritionally balanced food packets, $65,000 donation from Feed My Starving Children. The February container was finally released and delivered to FHL Headquarters! The food was still good., no spoilage, P.T.L. We thank Sandra Koch and Pastor John of Help for Haiti for all of the ground work to accomplish this—she wasn’t the one who shipped it, but jumped right in when asked to help. Roseline, Presume and Caritas had worked on back-and-forth repeated requests for paperwork since March. The final fees and charges for storage were $6,370. A shame but it would have been worse to have let that food sit on the wharf to rot with all the hungry people who needed it. Can you help offset this non-budgeted expense and help prepare for the next?


We are all in this together and this container put us in proper position to loan Jim Willey 120 boxes of food for his school program until his container clears.


That was the February container. All efforts are now focused on Port au Prince to free the April container. The requests for paperwork have begun anew. Haiti—her challenges and the blessings of serving. Then we turn immediately to the pick up of the October donated container which is scheduled for November 5.

We Are Blessed…

Speaking of blessings and since it is that time of the year, we want to pause and reflect and count our blessings in this Lord’s work…

We are blessed...with YOU. We are humbled by the years you have so faithfully helped FHL serve the less fortunate of Haiti. We take to heart the tremendous responsibility of stewardship you entrust us with in your many gifts to Haiti. Know that we never take that lightly.

We are blessed...with the suppliers who donate containers of food and other supplies to help make our programs possible, by those who cannot donate but give price breaks or provide it at their cost and even pay the shipping.

We are blessed...with the network of shippers who pick up containers in the U.S. and magically have them end up at our headquarters in Cap Haitien to feed the hungry. It’s lots of work that doesn’t go unnoticed!

We are blessed...with the congregations who set aside portions of their charitable giving designated to help us through the year. The women’s sewing groups who lovingly make layettes for the babies, donate school bags and gather supplies for the school children,. Everyone who sends toys and special gifts for the children throughout the year and for the Christmas Party. Collecting the hygiene kits which contain toiletries the poor simply cannot afford to buy—toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant, nail polish, combs, bath soap, lotions, shampoo. All of these are luxury items for the poor. All the others who put together sewing kits for the ladies to be able to make something special for themselves or their children.

We are blessed….with individuals who talk to doctors and dentists to get us current dated samples of vitamins and other helpful items and for those who talk their friends into selecting For Haiti with Love as one of their charities of choice.

We are blessed…with the health that allows us to continue Don’s legacy of service. He gave us the model and even the headquarters we serve from in Cap Haitien.

We are blessed...with those who help with packing up cargo stateside and help us get out the newsletter. We thank all who help and are not listed in this short newsletter.

As we thank God for all these blessings and so much more we thank you, in advance, for hearing His call to you and for responding and for helping us to cover the ongoing needs in Haiti:

  • Clearance of the April container and $ to clear
  • Smooth transport of October donated food and money for transport and clearing
  • The $18,478.35 still needed for the roof repairs (we are gaining on it)

As your church finalizes its budget for 2012, please ask if they will consider For Haiti with Love in their charitable giving?

Now, focus on your own list of blessings and have a very


Happy Thanksgiving!


You’ve Made a Difference

As Thanksgiving Day approaches,

Our Blessings we recall;

The things we are most thankful for,

We recollect them all.


You are really special,

In all you say and do,

You’ve made a difference in Haitian lives;

We’re thankful now for you.


By Joanna Fuchs

(with one small revision to her original poem)




Bev & Pastor Tim Nehls

In Memory of DON DeHART

Harry Coppens

In Memory of mother-in-law GLADYS M ENDRESS

Pat Golay




Jean DeFilippo


Dr Pierre Conze

Happy B’d to my wife SUZELLE and



Happy 57th Anniversary DR & MRS ENSLIE SCHILB JR




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