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~For Haiti With Love Newsletter~

July 2010 Newsletter


Donald Douglas DeHart



Legacy of serving Haiti began

the winter of 1968-69.




We Praise God for the Resources to Really Help!


2007 2008 2009 2010




























*we ran out of burn cream; the new batch hadn’t arrived



In response to getting out of my “things are so bad” mindset… came these notes:


“Yes! This newsletter telling the good stuff was wonderful. Made me rush to the mailbox with this”

God Bless! Edna


“Dear Eva.

It was exciting to read your last newsletter and to learn about the great things you are doing in Haiti. I am also impressed to learn that over 90% of all contributions go directly to the needy people for food, supplies and services. That’s stewardship at its best!

I don’t know of a better place to invest my money and get such a large return, so immediately I am increasing my regular contribution to FHWL by 100%.

Thank you for helping me be a good steward, too. God bless you all. A.A.


OBVIOUSLY I have gotten so bogged down in the things going on that I have forgotten they are opportunities and you are helping us turn them into blessings to the Glory of God. I apologize. eva




Hundreds were killed and tens of thousands left homeless in 2008 when hurricane rains washed their homes away. Joblessness deepened. Malnutrition magnified. Farms failed.


Haiti’s misery is expected to deepen this year as its crippled economy and the global financial crisis collide with donor fatigue and increasing frustrations about the lack of social and economic progress….


The gloomy prognosis is widespread here...the storms’ devastation, the worst humanitarian disaster to hit Haiti in 100 years.


The above is a direct quote from the Miami Herald on January 12, 2009—exactly one year to the day later—the quake.


It just really hit me to see the date and the prediction… now we are five months after the quake and the Haitian people are rioting in the streets out of frustration for the lack of major help. But with your help, we are still there and we are still making a difference!




The FMSC donated food packets arrived at the headquarters on June 1 after traveling from Minnesota to Miami to Port au Prince and being trucked to the FHL headquarters in Cap Haitien. Lots of good nutrition—38 pallets! This batch includes one pallet of a new product especially formulated for the infants and toddlers.


Following this shipment will be one of wonderful plastic buckets of dried soup mix and buckets w/rice pilaf mix, all nutritionally based. There are cases of cooked turkey meat and some bags of clothing, all gifts through Help For Haiti for the cost of shipping only.


THEN comes our 40’ container with a combination of whole small red beans and black bean splits (this is a shared shipment with Hearts for the Hungry).


In the meantime there have been two air shipments containing burn cream, tape, gauze, bandages and other clinic and headquarters supplies. Got a little boost from Blessings International with not free but a partial gift for a purchase of SSD burn cream… took them up on that, thank you. Jim Willey brought by the regulator for the water heater which Roseline took with her, don’t know if they have even had time to get it on… but it is so hot anyway that cool showers are a blessing for now.


May 30th was Mother’s Day in Haiti. It is a very special day honoring Mothers so there was a big party for the mothers of the school children, children who attend the church and—of course: Mother Roseline….




January was a very good month for new contributors and at the same time contributions were up, Royal Caribbean was offering free sea shipping so we were only paying land cargo charges stateside and in Haiti… increasing the food program.


Now the spotlight is off Haiti, with so many other tragic events, RCCL has suspended the free sea shipping and Cap Haitien but made a recent exception with a huge donation of pillows from the ships.


Cap is inundated with folks from the south trying to build new lives. Clinic numbers have more than doubled and people at the gate are starving—where do you say no?


You don’t—you pray some of the one-timers will become “regulars,” and you keep the faith that God is in control and that theneeds WILL BE FILLED, we just don’t have the details—yet.


We pray for volunteers who are willing to take it upon themselves to be For Haiti with Love in their churches, clubs, neighborhoods… talk about it every chance you get—need brochures? Ask. Got names to add to the e-mail or hard copy mailing lists? Let me know.


Take time to pray, we can all be missionaries for God and we don’t all have to go to a foreign land to do that.

God can use us where we are. With all that is going on in the world, it is more important than ever to trust:



God’s fashioned a veil ‘round tomorrow —

His wisdom has thus planned it so.

He asks that we follow His leading

Through paths that we can’t see, or know.


But oh, ‘tis so sweet just to trust Him;

In perfect faith, walk through each day,

To feel His hand lovingly guiding,

Assured that He knows the way.

Beverly J Anderson




When we needed a “hauling” truck in Haiti Bayside Community Church was first to bat with $2,000 seed money. Many others helped and the final BIG check came from the Erickson’s in British Columbia!


Well, the pick up truck died, it would make the truck last longer if we could get a smaller vehicle for airport runs, team travel and picking up the smaller shipped loads at the airport. Presume has seen our 1999 Suburban here and found his equivalent in a new $52,000 SUV that will haul 13 people… while we have him focusing on downsizing that dream, Bayside has once again stepped up to be first with the seed money, they have pledged $3,000.


Just a reminder that the duty is too steep on imports, we must look at buying down there. Keep this in your prayers please.



New location in Dunedin


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas (in August). Preparing this letter will include the invitation/reservation form for August 9th and we are keeping it at the price it began over 20 years ago—$25 donation. You get food (haven’t decided yet, any ideas?), door prizes galore, and the finale—the auction. Roseline will bring more things back with her on the next trip … Betty has said she is working on her quilt, Joan has sent the 3-night gift certificate for Sands of Islamorada Oceanfront Resort in the Florida Keys…these and so much more! Join us!


Enjoy the Christmas music

Enjoy the Christmas decorations

Put your brand new gifts under the tree

Fill your tummies with yummy food

and spend all your Christmas money at the auction

(they can’t exchange it and no one will match it)


Join us for an evening of fun:

Where: First United Methodist Church of Dunedin
421 Main Street, Dunedin FL
6:00 Social; 6:30 dinner; 7:00 auction begins

Details: Further details call 727 938 3245
Reservations: Click here for a reservation form

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Another note:


“I cannot read your newsletters with dry eyes. Our last visit to Haiti was 30 years ago. The forgotten people. Please keep it up.” MB


This is an example of what Don told me when I first met him… “I have been to Haiti and left a part of my heart there.”

Children of the orphanage are joined by children of the school and neighbor children for children’s church every Sunday then we are feeding around 500 after the service. One mother took Presume aside and told him she brings her children to church every Sunday and that meal is the only full meal they are getting all week. Blessings.


Judy and John Davis

In Memory of EDITH POWER

Suzelle and Dr. Pierre Conze


Kris & Dan Chilcott


Alice Weber

In Memory of PEG EDDY


Joan and James Stephenson

Janet Landt


Eva and Roseline

In Memory of BROTHER DePAUL Mission of Mercy



Margaret & Dr. Edwin Boger

Robert & Sue Branagan

Carlos & Mary S Martinez

Dr Frederic & Martha Monosiet

Keith and Andrea Johnson

Carlos Martinez and Breanne Raley

Michael Esq & Dr Stephanie Baldwin

Antoine & Jocelyn Casimir, Eddy and Madeline

Toni and Josette Toulme

Viviane Fethiere

Lucien J & Paula Nelson

In Honor of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of


Susan Smith

In Honor of LARRY WATSON’s 50th Birthday

Helen Tedore

God’s blessings on JENE FARRELL’s hip surgery

Sally O’Brien

Honoring EVA & CREW


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