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~For Haiti With Love Newsletter~ Merry Christmas

September 2009 Newsletter



Christmas in August Dinner/Fundraiser…


We had two more seats for the dinner than 2008, so the reservation portion was up $50.

Food plans changed, however, and the food was catered and thus cost $600 of which we received some contributions to help.

Can’t figure out the auction however. Last year was $6,270. We had such beautiful things and it seemed like more this year, but that final total was $4,241 which was 32% less.

People were so very generous with the items they brought for the auction and all the wonderful things for the children in Haiti. As I write I await the truck to pick those up to take them across the state and they will be on their way to Haiti. P.T.L. Another year, now the Christmas work switches to the Haiti end. LOL

Pilgrim House #19


Still under construction in this photo. Adding a front porch area, room on the back, kitchen and latrine for this family. Hopefully have finished photos when Roseline returns.

This family is so excited to have their home enlarged, improved and to have a latrine of their own for their family. Don’t we take things for granted? In the sand and gravel you seen the screens they use for grading the materials and sifting out unwanted “stuff.”

Clinic Update

2007 2008 2009
January 382 334 592
February 279 800 1,072
March 328 355 1,368
April 357 526 1,182
May 487 520 725
June 470 456 2059
July 286 707 2420

As you can quickly see, we need a LOT more funding to keep up with the clinic now. As I understand it, there was a closure in Milot at that hospital which creates more volume for us as well as those coming from the Cap Haitien hospital and those who come directly when they get hurt.

The clinic is such a blessing to hurting people, the place they can depend on to treat their burns, treat them with the same dignity they would get were it a major charging facility—first class care, first class treatment—God’s love in action so we MUST keep it supplied.


Update: Roseline called to say it took them all day at the bank to get the funds transferred to the dealer in Port au Prince and sign all the papers. Price including plates and insurance was $36,400 (up $1400). They fly down tomorrow (8/20) to pick it up and drive it to Cap Haitien—it is white.


With all of the backlog now at the headquarters except for one more food shipment as CASCO closes… it appears most of our cargo issues are now resolved, but we haven’t actually had the funds to request another shipment of food—yet. Working on that.

FHL is 40 years old this year!!!

Yes, I (Rob) am going to remind you of that every month! We have a 40 year legacy of serving those in Haiti and I think it is something wonderful to celebrate and praise God for His support and guidance in serving the people of Haiti. I do want to encourage you again to help us continue for another 40 years by continuing to give generously. If you have the desire, means and ability, maybe include a little 40th anniversary gift!

We do thank all of you who have designated gifts to celebrate our 40th anniversary… One of these days I will take an issue of the newsletter to make some comparisons between the “old days” and the Haiti of 2009… so many changes yet too many things unchanged.

Some changes in the people, not all the best, no change in the sanitation and water issues. It is still the most challenging place to survive I have ever been.


We are focusing on changing the things we can and praying about the rest. We are the little guys in the world of mission activities so we do the best we can with all the resources available to us to make a difference in the area of Haiti where God has us working in.

There is no way this is our work—it is God’s work and He provides through YOU. We are simply the servants and the “workers” in a very big field.

Each of you is so very important to the outcome of the ministry. It is YOUR gifts that keep the clinic supplied, that keeps the shipments of food and supplies going to Haiti. It is YOUR prayers that give us the strength to go on and keep this 40-year legacy alive. Thank you for being there for us. I will remind you quickly of Jim’s suggestion… that we need in these economic times to “grow” and the best way to do that is for each of YOU to get one of your friends or relatives to get involved in helping, will you do that?

You asked for it—meet Rob Irons on his last trip to Haiti. He is 6’+ and the kilt is loved by all… He loves to work in Haiti and the Haitian people love him and respond to him with glee. This photo was taken in the gathering room at For Haiti with Love’s headquarters.

This photo does share a glimpse of our new tile floor, newly painted walls and repaired ceiling fan. Most of the headquarters art work is framed Thomas Kincaid puzzles that Don worked during the long evenings he spent in Haiti.

Next newsletter we will ask him to provide you with a little bio on himself, perhaps a photo of his family and his aspirations for working in this area of the Lord’s work.

Thank you all and God Bless, Eva.

Memorial Gifts

Joan and David Wallace
David and Kim Tilki
Jean Cooper
      In Memory of EDWIN T CHINERY SR, Father
Judy and John Davis
      In Memory of EDITH POWER
Bev and Rev. Tim Nehls
      In Memory of DON DeHART
Patricia Seidensticker
Susan & Bill Fender
Bob Hogue School of Real Estate
      In Memory of R W CALDWELL, JR 7/4/09
Jane N Bohr
      In Memory of MAYME ALLEN
Patricia Budlong
      In Memory of ARTHUR BUDLONG, my husband
Betty Hutto
      In Memory of GENE HUTTO, husband 7/6/09
R W Caldwell III
      In loving Memory of BOB CALDWELL, my Dad
Eva DeHart
      In memory of Parents, Don, G.B.,
      Isaac, Sarah & now Moses
Ann T. Barnett
      In Memory of her son JOHNNY, miss him
Suzelle & Dr. Pierre Fr Conze
      In Memory of GABRIEL G CONZE
      DON DeHART
Dr and Mrs. Enslie Schilb, Jr.

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Joan and David Wallace
      Happy Birthday JENNIFER BRONSON
Vicki L. Bostwick
      Happy Birthday ROB IRONS, Love Mom
Ruth Teal
      Honoring my GRANDCHILDREN
Jim Davis
      Happy Birthday ROB IRONS, my son
Linda Gardner
Honoring ZONTA GIRLS, helping with fundraiser
      Honoring fellow who helped me on I-69
      and told me to help someone else.
      Honoring FHL’s 40th ANNIVERSARY

Thank you all so very much!
God Bless!

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